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Road Trip To Nowhere - Team Galactic


Brave cosmonoughts forging a new path?
Delusional fools following a cult leader?
A group of loveable misfits who found their way together and formed a family?
...Fashion-reject thugs?
In any case, they made for one hell of a fun game!
A tribute mix to my favourite villain team from Pokemon DPPT~

Simply picking songs with space-related lyrics would be a tad boring, so I just tried to slam together anything that reminded me of their aesthetic in musical form. Or the progression of the story, from their perspective. It's a bit eclectic, but hopefully I'll help introduce my fellow Galactic fans to at least one neat song they haven't heard before!

13 tracks
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@slam tax Aww shucks, what an epic comment! Thanks buddy, I'm so glad people actually enjoy this. And little boots is my favourite, I'm always happy to spread the fandom~ (might have a few more songs from her on future mixes)