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i'm no master & you're no philosopher


this ship mix is based on two characters, a girl who is the unknown, and a boy who seeks out the unknown.

  • Closer by The Tiny
    {i was trying to ignore your gaze}
  • From Eden by Hozier
    you're tragically infatuating
  • Sweater Weather (Live Acoustic) by The Neighbourhood
    {why do i keep thinking about you?}
  • Take Me To Church by Hozier
    why am i so willing to believe you
  • Whatever You Like cover (Gossip Girl) by Anya Marina
    {i'll tell you anything}
  • A Little Death [The Neighbourhood] by Vi Magnetica
    come a little closer to me please
  • boyfriend best coast hell yea by vicoolteenf
    {oh no}
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