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Be Still my Soul - Hymns


For those who love to praise God with traditional hymns, this is a mix of 20 (about an hour in length) performed mostly by solo artists. Guitar and/or piano accompaniment. No chorale music here. Most are sung true to original lyrics and melody, some jazzed up a tad. Mostly Singer/songwriter style. Chris Rice, Fernando Ortega, Selah.

20 tracks
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I am ever so grateful to find high quality and beautiful renditions of hymns like this! It is such a rarity and really the only type of Christian worship music that sends my soul stirring (contemporary is fine in moderation but often it doesn't carry the weight, truth and power as these gorgeous lyrics do - plus popular worship songs are very whiny & over played so much so that you then never want to hear it again in your life :D ). Enough of that, I really wanted to thank you for such a wonderful collection and for introducing me to artists like Fernando Ortega & Arkenstone :)

Such a reverent Blessing of Our Lord's Pure characteristics. How He has inspired so deeply the crafters of these psalms