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It's another... k-pop mix.
I'll just keep on making these until I decide on some other mixes to make.

"Let me rock you, and give you electricity..."

Twenty-five tracks including music by 2NE1, 2PM, and BIG BANG.
(ps. for anyone who cares, one song is in Chinese, one song is in Japanese)

I'd like to dedicate this mix to the memory of Kim Heechul's beautiful hair that was so cruelly taken from us this week as Heechul enlisted in the army.

25 tracks
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omg your comment on Heechul's hair ;_; cruel is the word alright. I can't wait until he returns and grows it out again. I ONLY LIKE YOU FOR YOUR HAIR HEENIM D:

great mix as always, I was pleasantly surprised by Xcross, when I saw them on shows I'd be too distracted by them jumping around to pay attention to the song, but it's really very catchy

HEENIM HAIR FOREVER ♥ it breaks my heart to see him with a buzz cut :/
and thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed it ^_^ yeah I was really unconvinced with Xcross, I thought it was pretty 'jokey' but then it was stuck in my head.. so then I downloaded it.. and then I realised its pretty great and the engrish lyrics are hilarious, which is always a plus.