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rpetersmark, marry me? :)


Rpetersmark, you're amazing! All of your mixes are incredible, and I'm sure you are too. These are 8 of my favorite songs from different playlists of yours. I went ahead and changed the album names to reflect our potential married life. We should get married, or at least be friends. Yes? Trust me.

8 tracks
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love love love the title!! That's awesome!! So funny....we both enjoy his mixes so much. Hell just earlier i had a little daydream involving me taking a road trip to wherever he is and just chill in whatever room he makes his magic. Catch a buzz with him & let him do his thing while i kick back and just enjoy..... ahhhh, the beauty of daydreams! lol

oh my gosh i know!!! i'm so glad you understand my obsession hahaha. he should be so flattered to have such devoted fans like us. someday i hope to be as cool as him.

i'm bettin' A LOT of people understand this obsession! lol I turned a guy friend of mine onto some of his mixes... lol i should find his responses and post them somewhere on here! bwahahahaha

This is amazing and so flattering! Really love that you took the time to put this together from a bunch of my mixes, so nice! And i love the descriptions, i could deff see myself eating a sandwich SUPER fast to #3 haha

you picked out some awesome tracks, we should deff do a duet sometime together, shoot me your e-mail and we'll start putting something together soon