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100 Rock songs

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Why on EVERY list that includes Judas Priest's "Breakin' The Law" is it some bull-shit 20-second sample. It's not even that I particularly like or dislike that song (although, my college-era garage band DID like it enough to attempt a cover ...) ... it's just one of those frustrations I have with 8tracks. Along with mislabeled tracks, skipping 15 tracks in a row for no apparent reason, etc. You used to be able to report problems with individual tracks, but that functionality is long gone. If this gets worse, I'll be listening elsewhere. I feel bad for the people compiling the playlists. It's damned frustrating to put together something awesome, and then have it ruined by problems on the part of the 8tracks platform. I hope, for the sake of Burbaka and all the other playlist creators on 8tracks, that the team gets their act together on this.

Just the quality of some songs are poor, but all the songs are awesome. As pointed by others, no drums on Enter Sandman felt so empty ;-; but love this mix anyways :3

This mix has some great tracks, sadly some of them the quality of recording is just poor. Also as pointed out by others, there was a moment of rage when I couldn't hear the drums on Enter Sandman.