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KGB Bottom 246 of 1968, Part 1


All the songs I have from KGB's Top 30 surveys in 1968 that did *not* appear on KGB's Top 100 of 1968. Since KGB had exactly 346 different songs mentioned in their Top 30 surveys in 1968, including 57 noncharting hitbounds, that leaves 246 possible songs for this playlist, or 189 charted songs, although currently this playlist is only 132/246 complete.
Also included are charted B-sides of charted songs of KGB's Top 100 of 1968 since those B-side songs were not played in the Top 100. Each song here is in increasing popularity order by its "integrated weight" implied by KGB's surveys from 1968, using basically integral calculus of each song's "weight" (= 31 - rank) over time. Any overlap into either bordering year is ignored.

69 tracks
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