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Sugarless Gum


A playlist celebrating my favorite "gal pals," Bubbline. Clips from the studio floor during their time recording together, from the tape deck of the Scream Queens' tour bus, ancient vinyls spinning off the needle in the dead of night during sleepovers..

Songs meant to sound like things Marci and Peebles could have written together (or about the other), sent each other on mix tapes, or just jammed out to with the gang while out on the road. Picked from an assortment of some of my favorite female artists!! (Warning: explicit!)

* Bubblegum's Interests: really nasty rap, indietronica, KPop JPop &CPop, dubstep
* Marci's Interests: black metal (pbubs hates when she plays it in the van), punk, indie folk, girl rock,
80s glam rock
* Where they meet? Listen to find out

22 tracks
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