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Thirty Minutes or Less


We all do it: flip a song after a minute of listening to get to the next one, impatient; CD, radio, 8 track mix...it doesn't matter. Well do it no more...I have here 30 songs, each running at 1 minute or less! I don't know exactly how good they'll be, but if you're in a rush or hate long winded pieces, give this a whirl!!

30 tracks
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oooooh i love the opener(: i've always wished that Her Majesty was a longer song, so i find this very ironic(: love this concept!

I love the simplicity of it and how it describes one instant of what seems to be infatuation; the concept was fun to put out, though I think I need to listen more to what I put on.
I'd like to see what 30 or so songs that are under a minute you could put together :)