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"You see, she had absolutely nowhere else to go."


I wanted to make a mix for Dolores Haze, because I like the novel and film but the romanticizing playlists that people make piss me off. Lolita isn't a romantic story, it's a tragedy told by a pedophilic man who steals a young girl's childhood by oversexualizing her, and taking advantage of his role as her step father to assault and rape her. If you think that's romantic I recommend you reevaluate your life, and stay the hell away from everyone until you do because that's scary.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am so SICK of looking for fanmixes for Dolores (who is one of my favorite fictional characters, by the by, and not because she's a "lucky girl" or a "seductress") and finding nothing but trash after trash glorifying the relationship between her and Humbert or glorifying being sexualized at a young age. You can admire certain aspects of the novel/film (the way it's written, the way she dresses, the aesthetics, etc.), that's one thing. You're not an advocate for pedophilia or a terrible person or anything if you like the novel and/or film, as well, a novel and/or film. But you cross a very fine line when you start romanticizing and defending one of the most twisted, abusive relationships ever portrayed in fiction or seeing Dolores only as what Humbert saw her has. To know that people seriously think like that makes me very sick and sad, but I'm glad you and a few others in the world seem to get it.

@butnobodyeverdid You are quite welcome! I made one as well as inspiration for a screenplay I might write, but I think yours is even better! Pretty Face by Soley is a favorite song of mine that fits her quite well that I never thought to use. And I love the old jazz tunes that capture her free spirit! I can understand that. I cried a little having heard someone go on about how Humbert was the real victim and Lo was the worst because a good portion of society thinks like this and there are many children in her position and it's scary. But perhaps someday, things shall be better. I try to be hopeful. I wish so too. In my head, she got a much better ending.