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It's True - I'm Stuck In The 80's!


I know.... it's just crazy but it's true. I still love 80's Hair Band music! It gets my juices flowing, makes me dance and makes me dream of long haired, sweaty guys gyrating around on stage for my entertainment. So...... if you're still in love with Bret Michaels, Jani Lane (may he rest in peace), David Coverdale, Axl Rose or Stephen Pearcy..... this one's for you!
54 Tracks - Ozzy, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake - plus lots more.

47 tracks
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Mmmm...... no wonder you've never cut it again. Seems to be bad luck for you. Michael (hubby) wasn't crazy bout the idea, but it meant a promotion and more money. He's already growing it back. When he went to get it cut I sent a plastic bag with him to bring the pony tail back to me. He said the lady cutting his hair didn't even blink... just stuck the pony tail in the bag and said "there you go". Funny. I still have it. I keep telling him I'm gonna glue it back on.

Mornin' Phil. Oh my ....... I think I hit a soft spot! I had a feeling you'd like this one.
It's full of memories for me too. I know this is gonna be a shock.... but I've got 10 years on you. I'll be 58 next month! The hair band music is so dear to my heart cuz that's when my oldest daughter was going through her big hair, hot musicians stage. We went to a lot of concerts and met a lot of band members. Had a freakin' blast and made lots of memories.
My body knows it's almost 58 but my brain hasn't gotten that message. Don't think it ever will! Still love to race my car, blast my music, wear my tight jeans and BTW..... don't even think of burying me in polyester or I'll come back and haunt your ass! At least that's what I've told my hubby.
Another BTW..... hubby just cut off his pony tail that he'd been growing for over 8 years. Had to for a new job. Boo Hoo!

Glad you're lovin' the mix!

Shocked no! slight surprise yes!! but it all is making more sense now.Sorry to here of your hubby's huge loss.I actually left a job because they wanted me to cut mine off.Shaved my head on my 28th birthday got arrested the next day for as far as i'm concerned having a shaved head at the football needless to say I haven't had a haircut since.
Loved the mix keep up the great work Crazy Nita.

Hi Anita
Oh Yeah this is me.
I still have hair in a ponytail down to my arse just missing a bit on top.
Oops probably giving away my age who cares I'm 48 and still lovin life and rockin hard.
Cheers for sharing crazy lady.
Don't know if I'll finish tonight but I will definitely finish tomorrow.
Quick question why the fuck have you waited so long to do a mix they have all been great and this crazy nita is senfuckingsational.