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Long Lost Oldies of 60's & 70's Radio


Most of these songs were huge hits in the 60's and 70's, but rarely find their way onto the oldies radio stations play lists. I'm sure some are familiar, but I'll bet there are plenty you've never heard..... that is unless you were listening to your a m only transistor radio when they were hits!
It's a pretty long list..... 87 songs.

87 tracks
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Good Morning Phil. First of all.... it's ok.... I know how busy you are. Doing these mixes takes time and then there's that necessity of life called work (didn't you make a mix about that.... money?) lol I've been squeezing mixes in between art projects.
Secondly.... thanks for the very kind comments. Sorry to hear that your dad was not nice. My cildhood was exactly the opposite..... really nice parents, but strict as hell. Had to sneak to listen to my music. And trust me, I did a lot of sneaking!
Yeah, I think that's why this mix has been so popular.... lots of lost music. I'm thinking about doing another.
Nellie says thanks and hubby says hi.
Be safe out there..... don't know about Aussies, but folks over here are crazy drivers!

Thank you for bringing back some sweet memories.
Like you I remember these songs in my childhood.
One of the only good things I'll ever say about my Dad is he played LOUD music from the time he got out of bed.That must be where I get it from.
Have a great day Anita,Hubby and Nellie.
Yes I do know it is that gorgeous car of yours.Lol

Gold that's impressive really makes it worthwhile hey crazy Nita.
Must say this is excellent both because I haven't heard quite a few before and the fact it is all awesome music.
Thanks mate
Stay crazy
Phil from Oz.

Finally making time to catch up on some of your mixes then I see how long it is so I guess it will only be one mix and maybe have to finish it tomorrow.
Great music so far and your right haven't heard some of these fine tunes.
Finally you and Krissy have hooked up.I mentioned your mixes to her a short while ago but we've all been so busy doing our own mixes.
Try to find time to give you a wrap at the end but please understand if I don't.
Stay crazy Anita chat again soon.

Thanks ladies! BTW krissy....... you've got some of the coolest cover art ever! Very eye catching. Thanks for the compliments and I hope you enjoy the rest of it!