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My Musical Message to the Government of the USA


My musical message to the U.S. Government.... like they really care. Feeling free to express myself anyway. Very eclectic.... all the way from heavy metal to country. All with the same basic theme - leave us the hell alone and let us live. Some say it straight out, some are more subtle, some are kind of funny. If you think the government of the U.S. needs a good kick in the ass, you might like this mix.

29 tracks
5 comments on My Musical Message to the Government of the USA

Well, listening to this mix will make it pretty clear where I stand on everything from gun control to poverty. Hubby and I don't trust the government as far as I could throw the White House! :D
Thanks for the compliment and let the revolution begin!

Told ya! lol Strangely enough, while I was making this mix I found myself thinking that you would like some of these songs. Don't know why.... you just seem like a stand up for your rights kind of guy. Please...... go ahead and do your mix too.... can't wait to hear it.

I've got to listen to this soon cause I was going to do a similar mix.
What is it with us lately you're right it is freaky crazy lady.