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Take A Trip Inside My Brain


A mish-mash of what's been playing in my head for years. Some bring back sharp, in focus memories. Most, I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the first time I ever heard them. Rock, Metal, Pop, Soul, etc
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE..... I want to thank my new friend, Phil for inspiring me to express myself through my music and to share it with anyone who cares to listen. I hope you enjoy this trip through my brain! And thank you very, very much.

33 tracks
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Hi Anita. It's been 3yrs and 4 months since I first listened to this mix. Thought I'd give it another spin and it's still awesome. Hope you are well. All the best to you from across the Pacific.

Thanks Southparkbuddha! Glad these songs could do that for you. I've just listed 2 more mixes today. One is a tribute to female singers and if you happen to still like 80's Hair Bands, you'll love the other. Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Thanks Phil! Glad you enjoyed it. It's all over the place..... just had to get this one out of my head. The next one will be more focused (I think).

That's what I love about 8 tracks...... finding new stuff I've never heard before.

I don't know...... if I was such a great artist, I'd be rich and living the high life in a big ole house! Don't really care though..... just doing what I love to do.

BTW..... the cover art. That's my best friend Tiff.... more like a daughter, really. She's a photographer. Took that of herself a few years ago. That's her on the new mix too.

Thanks again!

Absolute excellence crazy one.
Thanks for introducing me to some new tunes as well.
This is ear candy very well done Anita

Your an artist of coarse you are going to be good at making a mix.
Great cover art,nice flow and most of all awesome tunes.
Lovin it crazy nita and yes you do know how to pick em as Tiff said.
Hope to hear more.
Make sure you have fun doing the mixes.
Stay crazy it's fun Anita.

Good morning Anita.I was going to ask if you were going to do a mix.As for inspiring you cheers crazy one. I will now listen to what goes on in an artists mind and see what you bring to the table.It's your turn to entertain me.Hope you had fun making your first mix.Here goes.Have a great day crazy lady.