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afternoon in Shibuya


I always love upbeat happy-tune songs when I walk at a sunny afternoon. just imagine that hectic Shibuya crossing while listening to my favorite Japanese bands.

12 tracks
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hi there buttersalmon, I want you to do me a great favor, do you? 8tracks is no longer available on my country, so, can you send me the list of every song of this playlist? that would be great

@KIWILY hi, sorry to hear that you can not access 8tracks anymore :( anyway, here's the list: 表参道26時 - sakanaction, 叫べ - radwimps, decision - one ok rock, yumemitsuki ni nani omofu? - radwimps, wendy ~it's you~ - spyair, you outside my window - kinoko teikoku, anti-dramatic - haku, 海と花束 - kinoko teikoku, ミュージック - sakanaction, beautiful days - spyair, rename - haku