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*What Demons Do


Charming, Ravenous and Greedy.

"If people are flowers, than their blood should smell sweeter than roses."

UT Mafia au Playlist for Florence/Chara(Omega Flowey nuances)

20 tracks
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I love it! I really like the mafia AU of Undertale, the juxtaposition is great. As a note, though, I'm not sure if you realized that a couple of songs on here are just samples? The full song isn't there.

@demonfeathers That's really weird... can you tell me which songs? Because I've listened to the mix on my on several times all the way thru and know that all of these songs were uploaded fully and have been played fully too O:

@buttsmut You know what, it might actually have been my 8tracks doing something really weird. Right after that, the page refreshed and it acted like this playlist didn't exist anymore? I couldn't actually find it again until you sent this reply and it showed up in my notifications. I'm going to chalk it up to strange glitches. I'm going to listen through again but I assume you're probably in the clear, if it does it again I'll let you know. 8tracks does some super weird stuff sometimes.