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love live scouting woes


- you press 10+1, begging for the UR, but get only 1 SR
- you press 10+1 again and again and again thinking the UR will arrive bc of your dedication, but it doesn't
- you soloyolo but get an R
- you buy love gems but don't get any URs
- you do a strange scouting ritual that seems to work for everyone else except you
- you ragescout but keep getting Rs/only 1SR
- you get a UR but it's not your best girl/s
- you accidentally scout in a box that doesn't have guaranteed SR and end up with all Rs
- you spend 100k friend points but don't even complete the new R set
- you attempt to get into tier 2 for an event but miss out by a few points :^)

also applicable to any game with RNG: touken ranbu ("when's jiji gonna come home"), aichuu/ichu, fate grand order, ensemble stars etc

8 tracks