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me: "I DON'T OWE YOU ANYTHING!YOU'LL ONLY DIE OF DREAMS FORGOTTEN I'VE GOT MY PRIDE SO HEAR ME SING ILL NEVER LET YOU STEAL MY COFFIN!" mom: "I BIRTHED YOU FOR 20 HOURS! YOU OWE ME LIFE!" me: *takes earbuds out as song ends* " oh hi mom."*gives hug and kisses on cheek* "dinner done?" mom: "NOT AFTER THAT STUNT YOU PULLED YOU UNGRATEFUL REBEL." me: *puts earbuds in confused* "IN THE END AS MY SOULS LAID TO REST WHAT IS LEFT OF MY BODY OR AM I JUST A SHELL" mom: "are you hearing those voices again sweets?" me: "I'M NOT AFRAID TO DIE!" mom: *calls psychiatrist* "shes doing it again."