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we were happy


how did we end up like this?

a baekyeol playlist.

  • Really I Didn't Know by EXO Baekhyun Chen
  • NOEL(노을) _ Being Forgotten (잊혀진다는 거) by ghoul bij
  • 여전히 뜨겁게 by 백지영
  • Soulstar – In The Autumn (October 1st) by DEARWISH12
  • On Rainy Days by Beast
  • Saldaga by SG 워너비
  • Slip Away by Nell
  • Blind [SM the ballad vol.2] by Yesung
  • 이방인 by 바비킴
  • Seo In Guk feat. Goo Hye Sun by Were We Happy (?????)
  • The SeeYa & Son Ho Jun – 하면 할수록 (More And More) by BluPiLls2
  • SPEED – That's My Fault (Feat. Davichi) by HALONEKO
  • zia (If You Loved Me) by dddnnnmm ˇ﹏ˇ
  • 사랑했으니... 됐어 by 거미
14 tracks
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