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Midnight Essay-Writing


In honour of my Politics110 essay, which was written on the day it was due from 12am till 10am and required three RedBulls to complete. A bit more energetic than a typical study list, featuring OneRepublic, the Piano Guys, Coldplay and more. Thanks for listening, everyone!

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1800 word essay to write on constitutional law I have to finish before 2pm tomorrow and I stink at getting up in the mornings (probably has something to do wit the fact that I'm not going to bed until 3am)! Lol:)

Have an essay on spirituality and healthcare due for my Professional Masters in Science (don't ask why we are assigned to do these kinds of papers hahaha). This was a great way to block out the other distractions of the internet

cThanks for the playlist...it kept me awake the whole night...and i just can't imagine that I didn't sleep a wink because of my history assignment and browsing historyessay.....sometimes college life sucks