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Area 41 - The violin study playlist


I did a playlist with only piano pieces a few days ago and you seemed to enjoy it. This time, I am illustrating the primary auditory cortex (after all we do need it when listening to beautiful music !) with a playlist of violin pieces only.

If you enjoy this, a few steps:
1) Like and/or comment this playlist to tell me what you liked/didn't so I can make even better playlists
2) Check my other playlists, I do have quite a lot now for studying with peaceful and calm classical/movie music
3) Follow me so you don't miss a single one !

Enjoy :)

15 tracks
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I was really able to concentrate on my tasks while listening to this, I love violin music and this playlist is a nice, refreshing one compared to some other instrumental stuff i've been listening to. (Also I got really excited for that german one you included) Anyway thanks for sharing and I will definetly listen to your other mixes next time I have to shudy xx

Loved your playslist! I am finishing my master degree thesis, and I really make some good use of instrumentals to KILL it! Good luck with your studies! Blessings!

I am using your playlists to study for STEP 2 CK and they are doing the trick. Thanks for creating playlists that are simultaneously calming and intellectually stimulating.

This is a BEAUTIFUL playlist. Seriously. I listen to a lot of classical on 8Tracks and I haven't ever found a playlist I like so much. I plan on listening to this a lot more. It never gets dull or boring and the song flow almost seems perfectly articulated. I'm in awe of this playlist. Truly s fantastic job. I'm going to go look at more of your stuff!

i'm still in awe. i'm rarely happy these days, and this really helped me just let go of all the negative feelings. thank you so much.

such an outstanding playlist...I am using it to write a request for a recommendation letter, I used it to become focused on the task at hand. The music was so beautiful it blocked out pretty much all excess noise. However if i let myself get too focused on just the music, i begin to drift into imagination. not a real complaint- it's a pleasant feeling i rarely get and i get the most interesting images and stories painted in my mind. Thank you for this. you've done an amazing job :)

i first listened to this playlist while dropping acid and it was an unreal experience. i like that the tempo of each song is roughly the same, allowing the playlist to feel more cohesive. fantastic job!