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Area 41 - The violin study playlist


I did a playlist with only piano pieces a few days ago and you seemed to enjoy it. This time, I am illustrating the primary auditory cortex (after all we do need it when listening to beautiful music !) with a playlist of violin pieces only.

If you enjoy this, a few steps:
1) Like and/or comment this playlist to tell me what you liked/didn't so I can make even better playlists
2) Check my other playlists, I do have quite a lot now for studying with peaceful and calm classical/movie music
3) Follow me so you don't miss a single one !

Enjoy :)

15 tracks
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I was really able to concentrate on my tasks while listening to this, I love violin music and this playlist is a nice, refreshing one compared to some other instrumental stuff i've been listening to. (Also I got really excited for that german one you included) Anyway thanks for sharing and I will definetly listen to your other mixes next time I have to shudy xx

Loved your playslist! I am finishing my master degree thesis, and I really make some good use of instrumentals to KILL it! Good luck with your studies! Blessings!

@anon-100002860760036 I know the feeling....I am also working on my masters thesis...I basically always start by making a playlist before I start learning or writing anything :)

This is a BEAUTIFUL playlist. Seriously. I listen to a lot of classical on 8Tracks and I haven't ever found a playlist I like so much. I plan on listening to this a lot more. It never gets dull or boring and the song flow almost seems perfectly articulated. I'm in awe of this playlist. Truly s fantastic job. I'm going to go look at more of your stuff!

@Caseface1818 Thank you so much for your comment, yes, feel free to listen to my other playlists. They are all very different though in the same kind of idea