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Grained photographs - The photo editing playlist


A new series this time...My studies are coming to an end an I have now more time to engage in my hobby: photography.

So this will be a playlist series for photo editing and inspiration, a lot of swinging, jazzy themes and some good oldies :) I hope you will enjoy it! Please give this playlist a ♥ if you like it and let me know in the comment how you listened to it, what you liked, etc...I love hearing from you!

If you don't already know my playlists, have a look at my profile, I have lots of study playlists and relaxed mixes :) Have a great day!

28 tracks
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I just wanted to say thank you for all of your playlists! I just discovered one of them but I plan to use this and the other playlists while I review my MCAT exams. May be silly of me but I think its cool that I'm listening to a playlist made by a medical student (it feels special to listen to it because I too am trying to pursue medicine as well). Also another thing I connect with you on is how you love photography (it is one of my top hobbies as well *___*). Thank you again on your beautiful playlists and I hope you have a wonderful day! :D