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en plein dans la pharmacologie et la physiologie, ça m'aide bien a rester dans le sujet. a alterner avec les autres playlist ;)

@Vivek Jha I am not actually.. I study osteopathy which is quite similar since the body doesn't change form one profession to the other ;p

@caaRoe Osteology is d basis of all anatomy.. I find it easy to study anatomy when i completed osteology of a part first.. Do u study osteology just for the sake of painting like Da Vinci or do u study it professionally

@Vivek Jha I don't study osteology but osteopathy, which is alternative medicine, it is like manual therapy for the whole body (organs as well). I do like to paint though ;)

@caaRoe @Vivek Jha In the U.S, students who study osteopathy also take the same curriculum as allopathic/M.D physicians. They then attend the same residencies, achieve the same salaries, and are capable of working in any specialty of medicine. Just a fun fact.

@Howlin_Radio @Vivek Jha Yes that is true. I study in Europe so it is slightly different, although osteopaths study the same, we don't get the "M.D." which is sad but we don't really work the same way so I guess it's okay :P