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Osteomalazie - The internal medicine study playlist


This playlist is a little bit different than those that I usually post; more instrumental pop songs, some movie soundtracks and less classical music (I usually only listen to classical music so I am pretty proud of this one :D).

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23 tracks
3 comments on Osteomalazie - The internal medicine study playlist

I may not be a student of medicine, but I certainly appreciate this list. It's provided motivation for late-night essay writing binges. Thanks for making it!

@empathetical Thank you for your comment :) I am trying to inspire people, the subject of their studies doesn't really matter as long as those mixes help :D keep posted for new ones !

I love your health related study playlists so much! I am working on notes and homework almost daily for the health education profession and it's such a morale boost!!!

@deadwinchester7 Thank you so much for your words ! I am glad my playlists could help you :) it is the best about music: one is never alone ! :D