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Pneumonia - The pneumology playlist


It's been forever since I last posted a playlist. I am just frustrated with 8tracks that makes it difficult for europeans to use the website, which is so sad since I absolutely love the concept.

Anyways, I hope you will enjoy this mix of jazz, classical music and sountracks. And if you do, as always: tell me, like, follow me.... So I will know to do more of this kind. Also if you are new to my playlists, check my profile, I have lots of those medical study playlists ! Enjoy!

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@photoguard690 you were even quicker than me, I did not even listen to my playlist on 8tracks yet :D I am glad you like it! Osteopathy school is going fine, I am writing my thesis about pneumonia, hence the title of this one ;) how is your day ?

@caaRoe Glad to hear school is going fine, I'm sure you are doing great! How many pages does your thesis have to be? My day is going good so far, thanks for asking.