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The anatomist's recharge - the medical study playlist


Hello my lovelies, happy to find you hear again ! I have a beautiful new mix for you full of good mood to help you finish this hell of a semester :)

Some of my favourite songs, all instrumental for you to keep focused! As always: if you like this playlist, don't forget to give it a ♥ and write me a little comment! I love to read how my mixes help you get through uni/exams/paper writing/conference prep/relaxing...whatever it is, let me know :)

20 tracks
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LOVE this list, perfect for writing my dissertation (PhD in Clinical Psych). It’s both relaxing and focusing, really nice mix of songs for writing.

I put this playlist (among others you've made) on in the background while I sit at my desk at work; it's really great for my ADHD, which needs something to "chew on" while I work.

I really enjoyed this a lot and still haven't gone through it all, but I was a bit taken aback when I heard ~10 minutes of guitar classes start up seemingly randomly - the boxer and sound of silence - it doesn't seem like it fits with the rest of what you've put together here? But if they were intentionally linked I apologize for flagging them as incorrect. Everything on the list thus far had been excluding lyrics (except the awesome Italian song which may as well have been instrumental since I cant understand the language lol) and flowed really well, up until that point. So far everything after those two tracks has continued flowing, but am only on 9 still. Regardless, I've really enjoyed it overall :-)