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warm on a cold night


for the fear of growing up and leaving everyone you've ever known (but especially you). for finding yourself and for accidentally stumbling upon longing and love. for chasing your dreams and each other along the way. for going off to university alone and hoping someday you'll be able to stand together again, closer than ever before (and for pining, of course. lots of pining).

or a soft, longing iwaoi mix for university.


12 tracks
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@lostghostsanddadjokes Thank you!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Hmm, I didn't have any in mind when I was making this playlist, but maybe "if you wanna be" by orphan_account, "mint" by tothemoon, "days fall away" by lavendrsblue, "Chasing Paper Suns" by carafin, and "the courtship ritual of the hercules beetle" by kittebasu (chanyeol). They don't totally fit the description, but they're some of my favorite lesser known iwaoi fics that really get across the feelings of pining and longing and love that the songs have, I think. I hope that helps!!

You know that hollow part of your chest that feels empty and sometimes HURTS. I felt that feeling right away which is exactly what I want to feel so thank you