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i'm a little unsteady.


001: hold onto me.
002: ready to go.
003: why are you looking in all the wrong roads?
004: I don't NEED you.
005: sex with her ain't as good as me.
006: you make me weak.
007: I wanna scream out, till my voice breaks.
008: you're writing lines about me,romantic poetry..
009: that shit, it tears me up.
010: don't stop loving me.
011: just wanna wake up next to you.
012: she always dance when it's raining.
013: somethin' bout you makes me feel like a dangerous women.
014: why you wearing that to walk out of my life?
015: you're looking in the wrong place for my love.
016: I know I'm not you're only, but I still be a fool cause I'm a fool for you.
017: smile though your heart is aching.
018: our song.
019: love the way you tat me up, I'll never change my mind.

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