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The Steelharmonic


some entry-level classical music that reminds me of steel ball run for some goddamn reason, put in a vague narrative order

tracklist at

"only two of these tracks are actually from the classical period though" shut up nerd

  • 1st movement by Dvorak American Quartet
  • William Tell Overture by Various Artists
  • Hoe-Down, Rodeo by Aaron Copland
  • 3st movement by Dvorak American Quartet
  • Ave Maria by Franz Schubert
  • Requiem in D minor, K. 626 (Süßmayr completion): IIIf. Sequenz: "Lacrimosa" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    if your heart is wavering
  • 05 Brahms Ave Maria by Jan Sandred
  • The Stars and Stripes Forever (optimized for headphones) by immersifi
  • Goin' Home by cantussings
    "hey isn't this based on the second movement and thus out of order" fuck you buddy
  • The Easy Winners (Scott Joplin 1901) by TheGreatCrush
10 tracks
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