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After The Flood

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Yes. My team, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, have recently switched conferences and will be traveling to B's town to play the Michigan Wolverines in November. B acquired two tickets for a friend and me, so we've been doing a little good-natured "trash talking". Thanks for listening. It's a bit sad and self-indulgent but ultimately optimistic.

Well have a good time and may the best team win. You people need to get into football ("Soccer"). Like expected this was a great place to stay with loads of vibe and atmosphere. Thx a lot!

Thank you! I know we have probably sullied the word "football" in the European's eyes, but "gridiron", if you prefer, is not likely to lose it's status as predominant sport in America for a while. Soccer has certainly become more popular here than ever, though.

I found Burnt Lips in the cutout bin years ago. Some people don't like his voice (hell, I don't think he likes his voice and rarely uses it on record . . . calls himself "goosefarts") but I have always loved this record. GO RED!