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Companion Music to Blood Meridian


I'm fixin' to finish reading Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. These are the sounds I've chosen to accompany me on this savage and disturbing literary journey....

Includes Thomas Köner , Locrian & Mamiffer, and Bong

11 tracks
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Just picked this book up for a book club. Pretty excited. Have heard only good (disturbing) things. This mix solidifies those rumours!

@katcosplay After several stops and starts, I finally got through it. It is indeed difficult, but absolutely worthwhile. Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think of the book.

The title grabbed me. Only 2 songs in, and already I'm convinced that this is the perfect musical accompaniment. Have you read Child of God? If not, I highly recommend it (provided that you've recovered fully from Blood Meridian).

Thank you, kindly! I have read most of his books but not Child of God. I will definitely look for it. (Does one ever recover from Blood Meridian? Powerful book.)

Not likely. And though it is a good deal shorter, I have to say that Child of God is equally unsettling. Good luck.
Again, great work on this mix!

I'm not that familiar with them but according to their biography they use some fascist imagery which has created some controversy for them.

I see what you mean. I was looking out for something like that in their bio, too. This kind of repulsive imagery seems to be pretty common in euro neofolk...or what the genre is called.