Is this playlist safe for work?


4 comments on Picnic

was hankerin for some doink and looked back and realized I'd been avoiding this on account of the creepy cover...

now I'm so pleased I stopped avoiding it and gave it a listen this morning before heading out on a long weekend to the coastline.

delightful mix compadre, thanks as always

What? You don't like filet of face? I honestly don't know if you're messing with me or not re iPod. It never left my desk drawer until I switched out the tunes and mailed it to you. You say the package was messed up when it got there? I am really sorry and will buy you a new one as soon as my windfall comes in. I lost mine to the washing machine, so I feel your pain!

I am not messing with you but I will survive. No worries . I can take a picture of it for you the screen is all wonky and I can't play it. I have a few others just not a 160gb. I am good! Windfall does that mine like never?