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Too Sunny For Suburbia

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In 1977 Rumours by Fleetwood Mac was seemingly issued by federal mandate to every suburban home in the United States. I wasn't a big fan. Too commercial and ubiquitous. Well, it's probably just me, but I hear the Big Mac influence in a lot of new music these days. For the purposes of this mix, though, I didn't go looking for bands that reminded me of them. I just wanted to get these songs on a mix, and the Fleetwood Mac theme became recurrent for some reason. After 30-some years, my prejudices have waned and I especially like the Lindsey Buckingham influence on the band's sound. Leonard Cohen and John Talabot are on here apropos of nothing in particular except that I recently purchased some new music by them. It's just a mix.

Well, gosh, thanks! Wasn't expecting any 'likes', what with Fleetwood Mac reference and all. They were kind of the devil to us hip folks back in the day. Hell, I even like the BeeGees now.