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Where I go to quiet my drunken monkey mind.


“I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth.” - Steve McQueen

Nine tracks including music by Jack Rose, Sandy Bull and John Fahey.

Photograph: Duck Hunting in Western Nebraska by Solomon Butcher

8 tracks
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writers have a saying, the story reveals itself in the telling. don't wait for something to come to focus to make it, make it so that it comes in focus. :)

That is great advice and one of the reasons why I try to sit down and write 3 pages every morning before work, whether I feel like it or not.

It's mostly drivel . . . sort of meditation in written form. It's a practice I took up years ago to help stay focused, clean out the cobwebs and be more creative. I don't edit myself as I go along so it's pretty raw and of the navel-gazing variety, but I've also been pleasantly surprised by some of it when I've gone back and read through it. I'd like to do something more polished. You write, right? Maybe we should get an online writer's workshop together.

I've been out of the swing of it during the holidays, finally was able to wring a page out of my addled brain last night. maybe we can start a FB group of writers, we can read each other's work and schtuff.

great stuff, been a huge fan of faheys work and the whole American Primitive guitar as a whole for awhile now. did Pelt do anymore fahey covers besides Sunflower River Blues?

Thanks for listening. Good question of which I can't speak authoritatively. I've had one Pelt album on heavy rotation lately and it's purty noisy. Considering Jack Rose's admiration, I suspect there are some bootleg covers out there, at the very least. Glad you like this mix! I enjoyed putting it together . . .

Yeah Pelt seemed a lot of like Faheys experimental stuff (womblife,mill pond) I found some Jack Rose, Its his Kensington album and I gotta say its freaking fantastic.a touch of new orleans rythem and Delta blues vibe. Id like to see what you could do with Blues around the 1930s, some off the Delta. anyways Thanks for adding another artist to my top Favorites and looking forward to what you churn out next~

My tastes are pretty eclectic but I do find myself coming back to this kind of music a lot. I'm going to get some Robbie Basho in my library next. I've been listening to him on Spotify quite a bit lately.