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This is a playlist for the reading of my novel: 'Annie'.

Annie, is a girl whose world is not the same as ours. Pursued by her past, she has to live in the woods, where the characters that she created once as fairy tales, want to kill her. No one can help her. She can't control her world. Does Annie could get out of this lunacy?

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@MunchiHun Hey purple guy, I have not published my story in any place yet. Because I'm afraid of the copyright and so on, you know it'll hurt me so much if anybody takes it and claim it as their story. But, I hope I could publish it in any place where you can read it :) Thanks for your support, anyway! (P. S. I love FNAF too :3)

@CactusVanilla When you are able to publish it and put it up, let me know! I can spread as much word as I can on my blog because I'm absolutely positive my follower would love to read such a story too ^_^