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Words Unspoken


Instrumental Covers of certain songs with a theme

  • Say Something (Instrumental Cover) by A Great Big World
  • Paralyzer(instrumental) by Finger Eleven
  • Counting Stars by Piano Instrumental
  • Sing For Absolution Bass Cover ( + Piano & Drums ) by Muse
  • Rufus Wainwright (Violin Cover by LP) by Hallelujah
  • Violet Hill by Coldplay
  • Carnival of Rust (Instrumental Cover) by Poets of the Fall
  • All Of Me (John Legend) Instrumental Cover by Lust for Keyboards
  • Muse Instrumental Cover by Undisclosed Desires
  • (Maroon5) One More Night by Instrumental
  • Stolen (DRM Instrumental Cover) by Dashboard Confessional
  • Kiss From A Rose (Piano, Bass & Strings Instrumental) by Seal
  • Stone Sour (Piano Cover) by Bother
  • Instrumental recreation of Broken by Seether
14 tracks
2 comments on Words Unspoken

I looooved this playlist so much, I was looking for something to listen to while writing literature notes and just ooo, this one is so perfect. I almost screamed when Sing for Absolution came on, I love Muse and I love that song, it's so underrated