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I Love This Mix and am Proud


"The only people who believe in some kind of 'universal taste'--in other words, a consensual demarcation between what's artistically good and what's artistically bad--are insecure, uncreative elitists who need to use somebody else's art to validate their own limited worldview. It never matters WHAT you like; what matters is WHY YOU LIKE IT." -Chuck Klosterman

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5 comments on I Love This Mix and am Proud

basically his essay was about guilty pleasures and how people shouldn't be embarrassed to like things they actually enjoy. the whole essay makes more sense than just this one quote.

Not crazy about the Klosterman quote. Everybody draws the line somewhere, including Klosterman, and it's dishonest to pretend he doesn't. Plus, all he does is replace absolute standards for art with absolute standards for LIKING art. Total baloney. I liked the mix, though!