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||Not Today||


"The man who fears losing has already lost. Fear cuts deeper than swords."

A mix for the girl who is keeping track of the dead.

For my Aunt Judi.

10 tracks
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Oh man, so moving. A fantastic opening, I could really feel the emotion and power, especially when Jen Titus came on (I need to find more of that stuff) "Nothing satisfies me but your soul." You know, nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just like nothing can clear the senses but exploring the very depths of your soul.
Excellent choice of The Smiths, hauntingly beautiful.
I've never heard When I was a boy I watched the Wolves - it sounds like Grace Slick's voice is the female's. Regardless, this song is killer, I love it!
Wow, great job here, very beautiful playlist. Keeping track of the dead is all we have. Stories are all we have, and that is all we are, a great message, and I know I will be coming back to this playlist from time to time.

*high five*

Thank you!! I was so self-concious about this one, second guessed it so much, but it worked out in the end didn't it? :)