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Instrumental Only: Study Mix


A non-vocal playlist full of instrumental (piano and violin mostly) covers of popular music. Mainly made this for my own studying purposes but I hope others find it helpful and soothing as well. Enjoy!

48 tracks
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I could only get through the 1st 12 tracks, and HALF had vocals. Great songs, but too disruptive to study! What happened to this "instrumental" playlist? Bummer.

@amcinpv9 Just saying, if you're outside the US and Canada (like me), the playlist will be streamed from Youtube. This way, not every song that the creator of the playlist choiced will exist on youtube, so it plays the non-instrumental versions because it's the only version that there is. It sucks, I know, but that's how it works.

There are a few songs with the vocal... I thought this was supposed to be instrumental only. Well, that being said this playlist is very good and I just skip the vocal songs. I do suggest you remove skyfall though.

@vicky.toria @lNaTakl I've had mixes in the past where I've uploaded instrumental versions of songs and 8tracks has randomly replaced it with a vocal version so I suspect a similar thing has happened here.