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Every ten years or so, the Dalish elves call together all the clans for Arlathvhen: a gathering to share lost lore and reunite all the clans.

This is a mix for that gathering (annotations form somewhat of a story).

16 tracks
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@speckledskies I'm glad you like it! I've not actually done any other mixes like this one, the closest would be the one titled "the Inquisitor's Path"; but the annotations on that one are simply to denote the places the songs are meant to correspond to. I could be persuaded to do something like this again, if I found a suitable theme, though!

@speckledskies I've just seen this comment again; my latest mix, "this is my world", contrains story-like annotations, if you're interested, but it all depends on whether you'd be into the theme or not. just thought i'd let you know :)

The annotation for your second track is broken, but otherwise a really good mix! It's neat to see a narrative arc like this told just through instrumental music. It reminds me a little bit of the Isabella and Varric amapofsorts put together.

@WeWalk Thank you for letting me know, I'll fix that right away! Thank you also for the kind words, I'm glad you liked the mix!