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blood-forged crowns


A mix for "Broken Heavens".

The mix is annotated with events and quotations! The annotations can be read here:
The mix can also be found on youtube, here:

14 tracks
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I loved it!!! Every song fit perfectly omg, it created a great atmosphere. You always find such great tracks aha. My favourites were The Tengu Wall, Atticus, Oya, and Mother I'm Here (the final song in the bastion soundtrack that mixes that song with the other one - I think it's called Setting Sail Coming Home - is one of my favourite songs for the end of WTLG). The funeral song also made me feel really sad omg. thank you so much for making this, it was fab! :')

@8ofhearts Hey you're welcome!!! All the thanks should go to you for creating the stories that inspire the mix, honestly! But I'm glad you liked it! :D And honestly the funeral song might be one of my favourite songs right now haha