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Stone Cold


"They exiled anyone who they thought had ambitions on the crown. Sent them to the Wild and left them to die – and that's if they were feeling kind. Others were executed directly. Anyone who so much as talked badly about them, gone. Why do you think so many people fear the Haywood name?”

a mix for the king of red stone and the blood that stains it

Another mix for "Where The Lost Go":

13 tracks
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This was great!! I love Flickers by Son Lux haha, I always associate it with Until Dawn but it fits Ryan and the stoneworld super well now that I think about it. I really liked If I had a Heart, My Name Is Max and Mandus as well. Thank you for making this, it definitely suits the character and captured the mood really well

@8ofhearts Thanks!! I thought Mandus was a great pairing to the track from Gavin's mix - Gavin's one just has the monologue over the top whereas this doesn't! :D