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“Someone here is a fucking traitor,” Geoff snaps, “And I’m gonna find out who.”

A mix for "Iscariot" by whalehuntingboyfriends.

Been meaning to make another Fake AH mix. Once again, it takes one of these fics to inspire me.

This mix can possibly be viewed from the POV of the traitor! Who I won't reveal coz, you should just go read it!

15 tracks
2 comments on What Comes First?

Aaaa omg I loved this so much! Thank you so much for making it, literally every single song fit the mood of Iscariot absolutely perfectly. I especially liked What Did I Do, Skulls, Line of Fire, The Courage or the Fall and I Love You (which I had heard before but never realised how perfectly it fit here aha, it really suits the traitor and the situation a lot I think). Found heaps of great new songs in here and they all made me feel vERY ANGSTY but fit Iscariot so well. Thanks again I will be back to listen to this many times aha :') ~whb

@8ofhearts I'm glad you liked it! Indeed, I didn't manage to make this one as optimistic as I did the Sealand mix, but the overall tone of Iscariot is waay less happy than that tbh. I remember listening to What Did I Do and thinking "WOAH THIS WORKS" and now here we are! Thanks again for listening!