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Into the Grey


Master Lorna Ashsuo is a disillusioned, newly-turned Grey who abandons the Jedi way after Jhon Mazto, her secret lover, is killed. As she finds more clues, it becomes apparent his murder was a council-sanctioned ploy..she just doesn't understand the motive. Upon cutting her ties to them, she seeks justice and the truth. During this time she crosses paths with a childhood friend (Darth Tatsu formerly Tarryn Dakarus) who was seduced by the dark long ago and now gains dominion as a Sith Lord after ridding himself of his former Master. He promises her retribution (an attempt to turn her to the dark side) but things quickly become complicated.

*I know there's a lot of ambiguity & unclearness but I'm still working on storyline!*

22 tracks
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