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The Four Great Beauties of China


Chinese music with traditional elements. Best served with a cup of green tea and a sense of adventure.

西施沉魚: Xi Shi (c. 7th to 6th century BC, Spring and Autumn Period), said to be so entrancingly beautiful that fish would forget how to swim and sink away from the surface when seeing her reflection in water.

昭君落雁: Wang Zhaojun (c. 1st century BC, Western Han Dynasty), said to be so beautiful that her appearance would entice birds in flight to fall from the sky.

貂嬋閉月: Diaochan (c. 3rd century, Late Eastern Han/Three Kingdoms period), said to be so luminously lovely that the moon itself would shy away in embarrassment when compared to her face.

貴妃羞花: Yang Guifei (719-756, Tang Dynasty), said to have a face that puts all flowers to shame.

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