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Aberrant: departing from accepted standard

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gosh, this is so good! i love this. all i want is for elena to lace up her converses and throw on her leather jacket and leave that town and never come back, and i love that this mix is all about elena making it out, surviving, reclaiming her agency and walking off into the sunset.

@fellowshipofthefalls Thank you so much!! Really that's all I want for Elena too, she deserves to make it out of that town alive. There's actually a fic that goes with this mix, but I wrote it a long time ago, so who knows if it's any good? Either way, thanks for the comment, it put a smile on my face:)

@fellowshipofthefalls It's called Aberrant, like the playlist:) your fic deserves all the lovely comments it gets and more, so really it's the least I could do:) besides, you've left some lovely ones of your own on my other stories, so I think we're pretty much even:)