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she sets the city on fire

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This is really well done and inspired me to watch Gossip Girl again to see what it is like the second time around knowing everything that happens. teehee xD

@callmewolf trying to slow down now that I'm at the like 3rd season so I can savor every moment!! lol have been catching up on tvd again as well, thanks for the inspiration, made my first gossip girl mix ever thanks to you if you ever get the chance to check it out :D

@SYLCollectiveTunes lol, I've been rewatching tvd too! mostly the first season, but still. omg, I will definitely check it out! I'm so excited! I love the dynamic between Blair and Serena, it's so nuanced and complex, it can be really deep and emotional but also like petty and comedic, it's so fascinating. I look forward to listening :)

@callmewolf that is so awesome!!! I mostly focused on the backstabbing pettiness aspect of their relationship, so not the whole dynamic, but it was still a fun mix to make, maybe will try to represent more of their friendship in a future mix. :)

@callmewolf Is Season 1 of TVD your favorite? I haven't watched in a long time so I'm not sure but pretty sure Season 2 is for me minus Season 8 because that's the only one I haven't watched yet, excited to find out how it all turns out in the end! :D

@SYLCollectiveTunes oh, sounds like fun! I love that Blair and Serena's relationship is so layered that you really can just focus on one aspect of it and still have a wealth of material to work with lol.

@SYLCollectiveTunes Season 2 is also my favorite, actually! I'm just working on a fanfiction right now that's set in Season 1 and I realized that I needed a bit of a refresher, lol. I actually have never watched the seasons without Elena. She's my favorite fictional character possibly ever, so the show had no point to me without her in it, lol.

@callmewolf The fanfiction sounds awesome! Yeah I get that, makes no sense her not being in it, even though she isn't my favorite, I think the show definitely has something missing with her gone, though I still want to know what happens in the end out of sheer curiosity. :P