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Short Change Hero

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GOD THIS MIX IS SO PERFECT, god just sonically the rebel rock vibe is So On Point, the varying overtones of classic and punk and folk influences, there's a real americana vibe to this mix which is perfect because solo is so explicitly set in the wild wild west of a galaxy far far away and han is the OG space cowboy, and then the SONGS AND THEMES god, there's something so perfect about bookending this mix with fight song for fuck ups and wanted dead or alive, and short change hero and god you're gonna go far kid is SUCH a han in the context of solo vibe, and also old number 7 just makes my nerd heart CACKLE AND BEAM at the fact that corellia's main export is booze, han solo is a good space cowboy who loves his corellian whiskey, as the saying in one of my old SW guide books goes, "corellia wants to get the entire galaxy drunk, then rob it blind", anyway this is a perfect perfect mix and i love it a lot