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with a thousand lies and a good disguise

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holy shit this mix is absolutely perfect and devastating, god not enough mixes go into the sheer brutality and horror of what happened to ali and what she had to do to survive and how she had to live just to endure and exist, not enough people even Look at it not really, god, her mix of bravado and terror and survivalism and the way she has to move through the world like she's a scalpel because even a moment of hesitation or a shred of mercy could kill her – could get her killed, because someone is out to murder her – god, this mix is just perfect and intense and devastating and brilliant and captures so much so perfectly

"i never had a chance, and no one even knew" GODDDDDDDDD THAT'S SO MUCH AND SO PERFECT, you're gonna go far kid is so perfectly ali and this is the best use of it within a mix i've ever seen tbh, it's perfect