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you know i can’t just let you be


let me uncover the silver in your dark hair, the weight of your bones, i want to witness the beauty of your repair, the shape you’ve grown, for you are made of nebulas and novas and night sky, you’re made of memories you bury or live by


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god this mix is just so much, ali's selfish monstrousness and her desperate self-hatred both so intertwined with each other and embedded in the way she loves aria, it's so overwhelming, and i mean just tonight was absolutely wrecking but every single song on this mix is so much, chasing twisters and bloodline ONLY ONE SONG APART is just RUDE, and then ending with stay awake, god

"do you understand who I am? do you wanna know? can you really see through me now?" GOD THAT'S TOO MUCH ALI GOD, ALL OF JUST TONIGHT IS TOO MUCH, "just tonight, i won't leave, and i'll lie and you'll believe" chriiiiiiiiiist